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We fully recommend, service, and install Raynor Garage Doors and Openers for Residential and Commercial customers.

Contact us for a FREE estimate or just to discuss the variety of products offered by Raynor.  We also offer other brands if you have special requirements and we will  find the right door for your needs.

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  2. Steve Wright or Judd Lovern

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Product Overview

Here is your guide to our complete line of garage doors and openers.

Steel Residential Doors

Add beauty and dependability to your home with Raynor steel residential doors. Looking to spice up your curb appeal, then check out our maintenance-free carriage house designs in our RockCreeke and BuildMark door lines.


Wood Carriage House Style Doors

The perfect complement to modern, traditional or rustic architecture, Raynor wood carriage house doors reflect the unique style and personality of a home and its owner. Appearing to swing, fold or slide open, our wood carriage house doors will integrate into a home's design providing unsurpassed character.


Windloaded (Hurricane) Systems

With superior engineering, Raynor windload (hurricane) systems are as dependable as they are stylish. Designed for high wind or hurricane-prone areas, our windload systems withstand the strongest winds and comply with the toughest local building codes.


Residential Openers

For maximum security and convenience, Raynor offers a full line of powerful garage door openers. Choose from 1/3 to 3/4 horsepower chain, belt and screw drive openers that feature advanced electronics and long-lasting performance year in and year out.


Commercial Garage Doors Products

Raynor has a full line of commercial and industrial doors and operators. Visit our commercial products area for more information.